An integrated and fully automated safety systemlike seat belts or airbags.

Improving patient safety and simplifying treatment verification without any user interaction.

Compatible with a wide variety of treatment planning systems.

IQM has been tested in combination with:

Full compatibility.

IQM supports all modern treatment techniques:


IQM has been used to verify a hypo-fractionated SBRT treatment for a stomach cancer. The SBRT treatment delivered a fraction dose of 5500 MU as a Rapid Arc plan on a Varian TrueBeam using a high dose-rate of 2400 MU/min.


IQM has been used to verify a variety of VMAT and Rapid Arc plans for a number of different tumor locations like Head & Neck, Prostate, etc. delivered on Elekta Versa HD, Elekta Infinity, Elekta Synergy, Varian TrueBeam STX, Varian TrueBeam and Varian Clinac Linear Accelerators.


IQM has been tested in combination with conformal (non-segmented) open fields. IQM can be used to verify 3D CRT combining various open fields from the smallest clinical field size up to 40 cm x 40 cm applied from any gantry and collimator angle.


IQM is an especially good candidate for monitoring stereotactic fields, because the device response is a checksum that does not depend on finite detectors which may not be small enough to detect fine MLC leaf position changes.


IQM has been thoroughly tested for the verification of a number of IMRT plans. Various long-term studies have shown that IQM delivers highly reproducible results and is highly sensitive to beam-related deviations. IQM does not have any field size limitations: IQM is able to verify any IMRT field sizes up to 40 cm x 40 cm.


IQM has been tested to verify total body irradiation. IQM has no field size, dose rate or output restrictions. Any photon plan that a Linear Accelerator is able to deliver – IQM is able to verify.

Compatible with Elekta and Varian Linear Accelerators.

IQM has been tested in combination with:

Seamlessly integrated.Integrating independent quality assurance into the treatment planning and delivery process.

Effortless handling.

Manufacturer specific tray holder integrates the IQM into the treatment beam path on any Elekta or Varian linear accelerator.

Risk mitigation.

Manufacturer-specific tray code allows IQM auto-detection by Linear Accelerators.

Wireless and effortless.

IQM detector automatically pairs with IQM transceiver via Bluetooth for unobstructed patient handling in treatment room.


Homogeneous beam attenuation allows integration into TPS as a tray factor or as an output correction factor.


Wall-mounted touchscreen IQM workstation allows seamless integration into any Linear Accelerator control room.


Virtual Server support allows IQM server integration into existing server infrastructure.


IQM service dummy allows continuous patient treatment in case of service or repair.


Simple integration of IQM system into department network. License-free IQM Review application allows offline access to IQM verification results from anywhere within the RT network.

Seamlessly integrated. Completely autonomous.A new verification standard.