Better clinical outcomes

The best of both worlds.

IQM combines the signal stability and reproducibility of a large ionization chamber with the spatial accuracy and sensitivity of film.

IQM showed less than 1% variation when measuring highly complex treatment techniques every day for more than 6 months.

IQM senses minute influences on the treatment beam with unrivaled precision.

Better clinical outcomes

Superior error sensitivity.

Researchers compared IQM’s error sensitivity to that of every available plan verification system.

A wide variety of clinically relevant errors were introduced into every kind of treatment technique. These modified plans were delivered simultaneously to the IQM and a conventional verification system. None of the conventional systems detected any errors that were not also detected by IQM.

IQM detected significantly more clinical errors than any conventional verification system.

Better clinical outcomes

Unmatched detection speed.

IQM verifies the treatment accuracy in real-time. With results at every control point, within seconds of its completion. Superior error detection combined with unmatched detection speed. A new level of quality assurance ensuring better clinical outcomes.

Better clinical outcomes

A single QA system for all your treatment techniques.

IQM verifies every linear accelerator treatment technique.

Verify SRT/SBRT plans with unmatched accuracy. Verify complex VMAT techniques fully automatically. Verify large IMRT fields without field size or gantry angle restrictions. Verify hypo-fractionated treatments without any dose or dose rate constraints. Verify total body irradiation.

Deliver the best possible care to your patients.

Better clinical outcomes

No limitations.

Uniquely precise. For every field size. At any off-axis location. Every field shape. Every gantry angle. Every energy. Any dose. At any dose rate.

Highest accuracy. In real-time.

IQM is more flexible than any QA system currently available or conceived. A new level of quality assurance. For all your patients.

Better clinical outcomes

Provide better quality. Faster than ever.

Minimize the time between plan approval and first fraction. IQM needs only two minutes from plan import to calculate a VMAT reference, and then is ready to verify the plan. Deliver emergency treatments without compromising QA. Verify automated plan adaptations within minutes.

IQM is ready when you are.

Better clinical outcomes

Introduce new treatment techniques. Minimize your risk.

IQM’s unique real-time verification ensures treatment delivery as prescribed. At every control point. In real-time. Verify new treatment techniques during every treatment fraction. Ensure that every single beam segment is delivered exactly as planned and approved.

Provide the best available treatment. With minimized risk. And better quality. All the time.