Embedded technology

The patented design of the IQM ionization chamber is embedded in state-of-the-art measurement and communication technology. Powered by 4 lithium-ion Batteries for more than 24 hours continuous operation.

Measurement technology

The high voltage generator supplies precisely 500 Volts to the polarizing electrodes. The dual-channel electrometer polls 5 times per second. The onboard barometer and thermometer provide information for automated air kerma correction. And the onboard inclinometer resolves the gantry and collimator rotation with a 0.1 degree resolution. All immediately available with a simple push on the power button.

Communication technology

The on-board Bluetooth chip pairs with the Bluetooth transceiver located in the treatment room. Providing real-time information via serial cable to the IQM workstation in the control room.

Battery powered

Four (4) medical device certified lithium ion battery cells support more than 24 hours of continuous operation. The battery management system provides constant battery status information and warnings when battery charge is low. The battery is fully charged within 4 hours. Simply plug in the charger overnight. Forgot to re-charge? No problem. A smart battery management system restores the first 20% of battery power within 25 minutes. Batteries are specified for 1000 re-charging cycles and proactively exchanged by iRT every 2 years.


Lithium Ion Batteries

> 24

Hours continuous operation


Re-charging cycles

No cables. No compromises. No problems.

IQM completely blends into the treatment room environment. No cables compromise the clinical workflow. IQM has been extensively tested to the requirements of the medical device safety class IIb standard, and all potential risks for the patient as well as for the user have been mitigated. Nothing prevents you from providing the best possible care to your patients.