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Fully comply with COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2013/59/EURATOM

IQM defines a new generation of Radiation Therapy verification systems. IQM allows every radiation therapy department to employ their highly complex treatment planning and delivery systems in the safest possible way. The fully automated real-time treatment monitoring of the IQM system significantly reduces the overall treatment delivery risk by drastically increasing the probability of detecting errors.

IQM will always improve your risk management.

IQM defines a new level of risk mitigation. IQM is the only system available on the market that is able to verify the treatment accuracy DURING the patient treatment. At the moment of the highest possible risk for the patient IQM creates an independent safety layer that is able to mitigate risks associated with the treatment dose delivery.

No matter what other risk mitigation activities you integrate into your workflow IQM will always improve your risk management.

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Optimization (Consistency)

For all medical exposure of patients for radiotherapeutic purposes, exposures of target volumes shall be individually planned and their delivery appropriately verified, taking into account that doses to non-target volumes and tissues shall be as low as reasonably achievable and consistent with the intended radiotherapeutic purpose of the exposure.

IQM verifies the consistency of the treatment delivery with the treatment prescribed by the Radiation Oncologist. In real-time. For every patient. During every fraction. For every treatment technique. Fully automatically. Without any additional workload.

IQM verifies the consistency of the prescribed and the delivered treatment in real-time.

Possible deviations of the treatment delivery from the prescribed plan are detected in real-time. Accidental and unintended exposures are detected BEFORE they can harm the patient.

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Optimization(Evaluation of patient doses)

Article 56 (4) COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2013/59/EURATOM
Member States shall ensure that the optimization includes the selection of equipment, the consistent production of adequate diagnostic information or therapeutic outcomes, the practical aspects of medical radiological procedures, quality assurance, and the assessment and evaluation of patient doses or the verification of administered activities, taking into account economic and societal factors.

IQM is designed to verify the treatment delivery accuracy at every single control point. IQM is the first independent verification system that allows seamless monitoring of therapeutic treatment delivery.

IQM verifies the treatment delivery at every control point.During the patient treatment. In real-time.

The continuous monitoring of every single control point of every delivered treatment beam during every patient fraction provides a new level of treatment data quantity and quality, allowing an unprecedented assessment and evaluation of the patient dose.

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Article 60 (3b) COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2013/59/EURATOM
Member States shall ensure that equipment used for external beam radiotherapy with a nominal beam energy exceeding 1 MeV has a device to verify key treatment parameters. Equipment installed prior to 6 February 2018 may be exempted from this requirement.

IQM is the only system available on the market able to verify all treatment parameters in real-time during the treatment fraction. Fully automated. At every control point. Without any additional workload.

IQM provides a comprehensive assessment of the delivered dose and all other treatment parameters.

IQM verifies every treatment parameter: dose, field size, field shape, field location, gantry angle, collimator angle, monitor units. In addition to this, IQM logs a variety of treatment environment parameters like temperature, air pressure, treatment start time, treatment end time and many more. This allows a comprehensive assessment of the delivered dose as well as a verification of all treatment delivery activities for these practices.

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Special practices

Article 61 (1) COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2013/59/EURATOM
Member States shall ensure that appropriate medical radiological equipment, practical techniques and ancillary equipment is used in medical exposure:
(a) of children;
(b) as part of a health screening program
(c) involving high doses to the patient, which may be the case in interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, computed tomography or radiotherapy.
Special attention shall be given to quality assurance programs and the assessment of dose or verification of administered activity for these practices.

IQM is the first independent QA system with an immediate impact on treatment delivery risk and patient safety.

IQM reduces risk and increases safety. For all treatment techniques. Including all critical applications. Without adding anything to your workload.

IQM provides feedback on how closely the treatment matches the prescribed treatment plan every few seconds, at each individual control point, throughout the treatment delivery. In high-dose treatments, including SBRT and other hypo-fractionated approaches, as well as in pediatric and other critical applications, IQM’s real-time results for each control point afford confidence to therapy providers and safety to patients, because deviations are identified as soon as they happen – and not only at the end of the treatment delivery.

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Accidental and unintended exposures

Article 63 (b) COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2013/59/EURATOM
Member States shall ensure that for radiotherapeutic practices the quality assurance program includes a study of the risk of accidental or unintended exposures

The risk associated with a radiotherapeutic procedure is determined by the following three parameters:
1. The severity of an accidental or unintended exposure.
2. The probability of an accidental or unintended exposure.
3. The probability of detecting an accidental or unintended exposure.

It is undisputable that the potential for a higher severity of error has increased with the increasing complexity of radiation therapy. Accidental or unintended exposure during the delivery of high dose techniques, especially during hypo-fractionated treatments, can clearly lead to highly severe, in some cases fatal implications for the patient.

IQM is the first independent verification systemwith an immediate impact on the treatment delivery risk.

IQM’s unique real-time verification of every single control point detects every deviation between the delivered and the prescribed dose in real-time during the patient treatment. If a deviation exceeds a user-defined tolerance, IQM issues an alarm to interrupt the treatment delivery.

IQM maximizes the probability that an accidental or unintended exposure is detected, and minimizes the probability that the accidental or unintended exposure harms the cancer patient. IQM minimizes the patient’s risk due to accidental and unintended exposure by detecting critical errors before they harm the patient.