Fraction QA with IQM

The world's first intra-fractional verification system.

Conventional verification always means verifying results. The result of the treatment plan calculation is compared with the result of the verification measurement, after the fact. IQM is the first verification system that verifies your treatment delivery as a process, as it unfolds. Every stage of the delivery process is verified in real-time.

Total quality control. With unrivaled accuracy. When it matters most.

Fraction QA with IQM

Real-time verification at every control point.

IQM verifies the correct treatment delivery at every control point. Dose, energy, field size, field shape, beam position, gantry and collimator angle are all verified in real-time with unrivaled accuracy.

For a VMAT plan with 360 control points, IQM will verify the correct treatment delivery 360 times. In real-time. During the patient treatment.

Fraction QA with IQM

Detect treatment delivery deviations in real-time.

Although IQM’s unique measuring approach detects even minor delivery deviations in real-time, not every deviation endangers your patient. IQM allows you to separate minor delivery deviations from potentially harmful treatment errors.

IQM detects significant treatment errors as they occur, BEFORE they harm your patient. Every fraction. Every beam. Every control point. In real-time. Real-time error detection. With highest accuracy. For a new level of patient safety.

Fraction QA with IQM

Error prevention in real-time.

Real-time beam monitoring detects treatment delivery errors as soon as they occur. Before they can harm your patients. Verifying treatment delivery at every control point replaces the error management approach of inter-fractional verification systems with error prevention in real-time.

This unique error prevention capability makes IQM the ideal tool to monitor every hypo-fractionated treatment delivery.

Fraction QA with IQM

An automated safety system for radiation therapy.

Radiation Therapy is a complex process with the potential for unforeseen issues. IQM is an independent safety system - like seat belts or airbags.

IQM is designed to catch the unexpected. Automatically. In the background. In real-time. When it really matters.

Fraction QA with IQM

Monitor the performance of your linear accelerator.

In the background. Automatically. IQM renders every treatment fraction into an independent verification of linear accelerator performance. Without any additional workload.

Ensure that your linear accelerator is capable of delivering even the most complex treatment techniques to your patient. During every patient treatment. All the time.

Fraction QA with IQM

Increase your verification efficiency.

IQM monitors the performance of your linear accelerator during every treatment fraction. If you deliver an average of 20 treatment fractions to 600 patients per year you will see 12.000 independent verifications of your linear accelerator's performance. Without any additional workload.

A new level of verification frequency. A new level of verification efficiency.

Fraction QA with IQM

IQM supports compliance with Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM.

One major topic of the European directive is the obligation of Radiation Therapy clinics "to analyse the risk of accidental or unintended exposures and to take all reasonable measures to minimize the probability and magnitude of accidental and unintended exposures."
IQM allows you to monitor the correct treatment delivery at every control point. And document it. Easily. Automatically. IQM detects every delivery error, every accidental or unintended deviation from the prescribed dose. IQM identifies deviations that represent clinically significant treatment errors. In real-time. IQM prevents your patients from being exposed to a potentially harmful dose. During every fraction. Every beam. At every control point. All the time. In real-time.

Fraction QA with IQM

Designed to catch the unexpected.