Improving patient safety

Real-time verification

IQM’s unique real-time verification detects treatment deviations when it really matters. During the patient treatment. IQM catches treatment delivery errors before they harm the patient.

Error prevention for improved patient safety.

Improving patient safety

Error prevention

IQM safeguards every step of the treatment delivery process. IQM’s unrivaled error sensitivity combined with its unique real-time verification immediately detects even minute treatment delivery errors. IQM identifies clinically significant errors so you can interrupt the treatment delivery.

IQM protects your patients from receiving a potentially harmful dose. Improved patient safety with IQM.

Improving patient safety

Improving treatment quality

IQM verifies treatment accuracy at every control point. Every single step of the treatment delivery process is monitored in real-time. Ensuring the treatment is delivered exactly as prescribed. Automatically. In real-time. During each and every treatment fraction.

Improving treatment quality. When it really matters.

Improving patient safety

Monitoring hypo-fractionated treatments

IQM allows your patients the improved patient convenience associated with hypo-fractionation without increasing treatment delivery risk. Delivering the prescription in fewer, larger doses improves the patient’s convenience and saves treatment time and medical resources, but dramatically increases the severity of potential treatment delivery errors. IQM real-time error detection prevents the patient from receiving a potentially harmful dose.

Monitoring hypo-fractionated treatments with IQM improves patient convenience without compromising patient safety.