QA automation

Reducing clinical workload.

IQM is the first QA system that reduces the clinical workload.

Single-click connection to the collimator. Automated data import. Automated reference calculation. Synced plan opening. Automated data acquisition. Automated real-time verification. Auto-Save. Automated reporting.

No interaction required. Significantly reducing clinical workload.

QA automation

Fully automated. Completely integrated.

Integrate QA into your daily clinical routine. IQM’s unique automation integrates any QA task seamlessly into the clinical routine.

Simply load the plan at the linac control console. Deliver it. Done. All verification is done fully automatically. In real-time. And takes exactly as long as it takes to deliver the plan. No setup. No analysis.

All QA measurements can be done by the Radiation Therapist. Schedule your plan QA at any time during the day. Schedule your machine QA at any treatment break during the day. Fully automated. Completely integrated.

QA automation

Extreme versatility.

IQM can be used for a wide variety of QA tasks.

From daily QA to weekly checks. From TG-142 tests to IMRT Plan QA. From VMAT plan QA to Fraction QA. From stereotactic plan QA to TBI verification.

IQM runs each QA task as a fully automated background process. Without any user interaction.

QA automation

Clinically significant.

IQM uses clinically relevant field sizes and shapes for QA. IQM’s novel detector design allows any field size, shape, location, rotation, motion and/or intensity for QA purposes. Employ dynamic beams, step-and-shoot, sliding window, conformal or modulated arcs, stereotactic beams or any other beam for your clinical QA purposes. IQM verifies any beam intensity and geometry intended for clinical use.

No limitations. If you can plan it, IQM can verify it. Guaranteed.

QA automation

QA systemization.

Remove the human factor from QA.

IQM’s unique QA automation eliminates human influences like knowledge, experience, availability, etc. QA automation allows a new level of QA systemization. Benchmark QA based on truly comparable results.

Deliver the same beam and IQM shows the same result. Every time. Guaranteed.

QA automation

QA standardization.

QA systemization allows a new level of QA standardization. Define QA protocols. Define QA schedules. Load the QA protocol at the linac console. Deliver. Done.

Fully integrated into the clinical workflow.

QA automation

Satellite site support.

QA systemization allows seamless integration of standardized QA protocols at satellite sites. Define QA protocols. Define QA schedules. Load the QA protocol at the linac control console. Deliver. Done.

Anywhere. Anyone. Anytime.

Fully automated QA for a new level of distributed quality control.

QA automation

Locum staff support.

QA Systemization means that even locum therapists can run QA protocols.

Load the QA protocol according to the QA schedule. Deliver. Done.
QA automation for simplified workflow. A new level of quality control.