Reducing VMAT QA time

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Reducing VMAT QA time

Reduce your treatment planning time with IQM

IQM will save _____ hours treatment planning time per year.

IQM uses the actual patient plan for plan QA. No need to create a verification plan. No need to copy and paste the treatment beams from the patient plan to the verification plan. No need to calculate the dose distribution for the verification plan. Refocus your valuable time on developing the best possible treatment plan for the next patient.

This significant reduction in planning time will allow you to create about ____ additional treatment plans within exactly the same time.

Reducing VMAT QA time

Reduce your Linac timewith IQM

IQM will save _____ hours per year at your Linear Accelerator.

Verifying your treatment plan with IQM takes exactly as long as delivering it: no setup time, no cable connection, no time for alignment, no calibration, no system preparation. No post-processing or analyzing your results, either. IQM’s real-time verification reduces the VMAT QA time to the absolute minimum.

This significant reduction in VMAT QA time will allow you to deliver _____ additional treatment fractions per year without a single minute of additional Linac time.

Reducing VMAT QA time

Reduce your staff timewith IQM

IQM is the first verification system that does NOT increase the workload for clinical staff. IQM significantly decreases the time needed for plan verification.

IQM will reduce your overall staff time by ____ hours per year.

Time that you can use to supply the best possible care for your patients.

Reducing VMAT QA time.

Conserve QA time and focus on patient care

IQM does not require you to create a verification plan, takes only the linear accelerator time required to deliver the field, and does not require any data analysis or post-processing of QA results. The treatment beam is verified in real-time. No dose difference test, no distance-to-agreement test, no gamma index, no manual report creation. As soon as the beam is delivered, the plan QA is already complete and documented.

Saving treatment planning, linear accelerator, and staff time.

Plan QA with IQM

Easier. Better. Faster.